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Burning Man is an event where people gather from all across the world at the Black Rock City (a city build on the Black Rock Desert near Nevada) each year for experimenting the art and community. The event is inspired by ten major principles, including the “radical” presence, self-expression and self-reliance along with the civic duty, giving gifts, cooperation between the community, immediacy, participation, decommodification, and leaving no hint.
During the event, the community looks for different kinds of the art related self-expression, formed for celebrating the pleasure of visitors. Participation is one of the main aspects of the event – selflessly giving one’s peculiar talents for the entertainment of everyone is highly appreciated and actively covered.
Few of the generous outbursts of the innovation can merge up with the experimental and integrative sculpture, art performance and architecture. The event of Burning Man is named because of its culmination, the symbol of a burning ritual of the giant wooden statue of the man which traditionally happens on the evening of Saturday.
The event held in 1986 for the first time in San Francisco by the Larry Harvey along with his flock of friends. After that, it is carried out each year, from 1st Sunday of August to the first Monday of September. In 1986, the ritual was observed as a bonfire event during summer.

Burning Man History since 1988

By 1988, the event was formally named as the “Burning Man,” to get rid of the references to “wicker man.” In 1990, a new event submerged with the previous one was organized by the John Law and Kevin Evans in the Black Rock Desert near Nevada. Evans regarded this as the autonomous zone event where sculptures are to be burnt, and performance arts are given.
1991 was the first year when the event got legal permission to be celebrated by BLM (Bureau of Land Management). Later on, in 1992, the Burning Man was accompanied with the small yet intense nearby ritual known as “Desert Siteworks” directed by William Binzen along with Judy West. This project spanned for three years till 1994. In 1996, for the first time, the official partnership was done with the name of “Burning Man,” and this was the last time that the event was carried out in the Black Rock Desert.
In 1997, it was planned to more the private gate property, and the place of the event was shifted to Hualapi mini dry land at the west of the Black Rock Desert. Thus, the event got shifted from the BLM land into the dominion of the Washoe County. But again in 1998 the event moved back to the Black Rock Desert and remained there ever since.
In April 2011, Larry Harvey declared that LLC would run a process of transferring the ownership of event to a new non-profit organization known as “Burning Man Project.” And by March 2014, this transference got completed. In 2016, Burning Man was celebrated
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