Culture and art of UK Burning Man Event Updated 2017

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According to the owner of the culture and art society, “Secret Garden Party” in the UK and a famous burning man acolyte, Fred Fellowes, the event of burning man has a lot to suffer in respect of its image issue as most of the people’s concept regarding this event revolves only around the titillating stories. Many people have developed an array of myths in their minds, and it isn’t what they think about it. Rather it could be a surprise for many people as it is a much decent affair and much capable than the myths which exist related to it.
Fellowes himself remained involved in this tradition for a long period, so he knows better that how burning man culture is trending all across the world and how the celebrations of love, freedom, art and self-expression are prevailing to change the way by which we look at the festivals.

According to history of burning man, In 1986 when for the first time, the festival took place on the summer solstice when Larry Harvey and his friends instantly planned to burn an effigy of a man (8 feet tall) in San Francisco. About 35 people gathered there to watch this show, and this number got increased year after year. But no one would have expected long ago that 30 years later about 70,000 people will come across the world to enjoy the burning event in < Black Rock Desert of Nevada >.

Culture and exchange of Gifts on burning man event in other countries

Presently, other main Burning Man other 50 burns are done each year all over the world including South Africa, US, Canada, Israel, Australia and UK under the supervision of culture and art ministry of respective state.
Out of the ten principles of this event, “gifting” is a very radical one and hardest one to get one’s head around. Everyone present something to the other person and it revives the spirit of giving gifts not making a trade. It can be anything like food, drink hug, etc.
Other than this, this event has brought a big cultural shift in the musical festivity, with the film traditions such as Secret Cinema and other film productions like Punchdrunk which provide the sense of unpredictability and exploration. This festival offers the ultimate uniqueness than other events regarding culture and art especially when people gather in the scorched desert, where everyone is dressed in the Mad Max characters, and people are giving you drug as a gift.
The artistic themes are set for the festival of Burning Man for many years which is Da Vinci’s workshop for 2017. The central theme is applied every year which follows the particular artistic direction and inspiration. An amazing thing is that if the focus of this event on wearing the fancy dresses has something to do with the modern era of Instagram then this is the ideal chance for you and your mates to dress up according to them and get the thousands of valuable likes or comments, while keeping in view the high moral attributes offered by the festivity of this event towards culture and art.

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